Welcome to our Church

We would like to welcome you and your family to our church; we’ve discovered something worth sharing with you.

Like you, we daily need wisdom and love beyond our own capabilities. Because of this we’ve found it important to set aside a few hours each week to worship God and learn from His Word. In our Sunday School and Worship Services, both young and old learn principles for successful living, not just for Sunday but for every day.

Another source of strength and joy is the support that other Christians give. What encouragement comes from being with people from a variety of backgrounds and interests who care about each other! How helpful it is to listen to the wisdom of older Christians and enjoy the exuberance of the young! What a comfort to receive encouragement and help from friends in time of need!

We’ve also learned that King Solomon was right when he wrote, “Train a child in the way he should go:And when he is old, he will not depart from it.” With so many young people involved in drugs, alcohol, immorality, the occults, and other crises, we’repleased to have children and teenagers in our Sunday School, learning theeternal truths of the Word of God. On Wednesday we also have Discovery BibleClub – 1st thru 6th grade, Teen Discovery – 7th& 8th grade & TORCH Youth – High School & College. EachYouth Group provides a Bible centered youth curriculum to enhance a youngperson’s spiritual growth. What better foundation can be offered to yourchildren for a happy & productive life?

We welcome you to share the joy that we’ve found.